Exploring The N1996 HP System Board Motherboard for DX5150

Exploring The N1996 HP System Board Motherboard for DX5150

The N1996 HP System Board is designed for the DX5150 model, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. It provides slots and connectors for attaching the processor, memory modules, expansion cards, storage devices, and other peripherals. Let us dove into more details in this review.

Technical Overview

The HP System Board for DX5150 plays a crucial role in maintaining and expanding the functionality of this desktop computer model. Its compatibility with various hardware components and advanced features make it an essential component for users seeking optimal performance from their DX5150 systems.




Manufacturer HP
Product Type System Board
Additional Information Board For DX5150
Motherboard chipset 845E
Processor allowed Intel Pentium and Celeron (2.53 GHz max)
Processor FSB Frequency 400/533MHz
Memory slots 2 x DDR1 PC2100/PC1600 (1GB max)

Key Features

  • Designed for the HP DX5150 desktop
  • ATX form factor
  • Compatible with AMD Athlon 64 processors
  • Equipped with two DIMM slots for DDR memory modules
  • PCI and PCIe slots
  • Integrated ports for USB, audio, LAN, and more


The N1996 system board is designed to deliver optimal performance and reliability. It supports a wide range of processors, memory modules, and expansion slots, allowing users to customize their computer systems according to their needs. This system board offers advanced features like integrated graphics, audio, and networking capabilities. It also includes multiple USB ports, SATA connectors for storage devices, and PCI Express slots for expansion cards. These features enable users to connect peripherals and enhance the overall functionality of their computers.

Hardware Capabilities

The motherboard is designed with specific capabilities to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with various hardware devices. It provides slots and connectors for components such as the CPU (Central Processing Unit), RAM (Random Access Memory), expansion cards, storage devices, and other peripheral devices. One of the key capabilities of this system board is its ability to support different generations of processors, allowing users to upgrade their system's processing power as needed. It also supports various memory modules, enabling users to expand their memory capacity for improved multitasking and overall performance.

Additionally, this HP motherboard offers multiple expansion slots, allowing users to add functionality to their computer systems. These slots can accommodate graphics cards, sound cards, network interface cards, and other expansion cards that enhance the system's capabilities for gaming, multimedia tasks, networking, and more. Furthermore, this system board incorporates advanced technologies such as USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports for connecting external devices like keyboards, mice, printers, and storage drives. It may also include audio jacks for connecting speakers or headphones and Ethernet ports for wired network connectivity.


Security is a paramount concern in technology, including hardware components like the N1996 HP system board, a widely used part in various computer systems. Firmware updates, software embedded in hardware, are crucial for maintaining security and performance. Regular updates are essential to address security vulnerabilities, apply patches, and improve system stability and compatibility. Keeping the N1996 HP system board's firmware up to date helps minimize security risks and ensures the smooth functioning of computer systems. Users should regularly check for updates on HP's official website and follow installation instructions for optimal results.

Find Compatible System Upgrades

Priceblaze.com offers a hassle-free solution for finding compatible motherboards for your computer systems, similar to the HP N199 motherboard's compatibility with the DX5150 desktop system. The platform provides competitive prices and access to experts and representatives for product information or bulk orders via live chat or a dedicated phone line at (800) 249-0316, simplifying the motherboard selection process and ensuring optimal system performance.


How many RAM slots does the N1996 HP System Board have, and what type of RAM does it support?

The motherboard typically features two DIMM slots for DDR memory modules. It's important to check the motherboard's specifications for the supported RAM types and maximum capacity.

Can I upgrade the graphics on my DX5150 by adding a dedicated graphics card to the N1996 motherboard?

Yes, the N1996 HP System Board provides expansion slots, including PCIe, where you can add a dedicated graphics card to improve graphics performance.

Where can I find firmware updates for the N1996 HP System Board?

You can typically find firmware updates for the N1996 HP System Board on HP's official website or through their support channels. Make sure to follow the provided instructions for a smooth update process.

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